When ace photographer Brigitte Cavanagh trains her camera on a human face, she is in her element, doing what she does best: capturing a life, a culture, a career, or even a simple feeling in a fleeting moment. Whether it’s a Wa woman smoking a pipe in Yunnan, a jazz saxophonist riffing in Harlem, or a business executive in his office, Cavanagh has the eye and the experience that can transform a photograph into a compelling document.

Her expertise in portrait photography has attracted clients in the press and the corporate world in Toronto, New York and Paris. Cavanagh's 2000 feature “Burma's Buddhist Nuns” was selected for the photography festival Biarritz Terre d’Image.

- Gina Dogget, journalist.


New York Lower East Side
Berets Around the Work
China’s Many Faces
Calcutta Rickshaw Pullers
“Portraits de Famille”
Portraits of Art/Tribal Merchants in Paris Saint Germain


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